Easy guide to learn How to claim Bitcoin Lightning Electrum.

Since its implementation in 2009, by Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has undergone many modifications, in order to make the most reliable payments. Over the years, other currencies with different characteristics have emerged, but with the same purpose, to make payments in digital form.
Once they were in the market, the purses were created so that each user had the Bitcoins stored under a specific key. From there emerged the Bitcoin Lightning Trezor Wallet, which has had great popularity and acceptance by the beneficiaries.

To speed up the speed of each transaction, Bitcoin Lightning Core has been invented. Through this new system the procedures are carried out at the speed of lightning and with the use of SPV wallets or Simple Verification of Payment, the operations are faster.
In addition, it has new features and its execution does not represent any risk for the user, because for each Bitcoin that it maintained for December of the year 2017, it could obtain 1 Bitcoin Lightning (LBTC), which guarantees a great stability.
By creating a parallel universe or a Bitcoin fork, it ensures that transactions will be carried out with greater security. That is why; Bitcoin Lightning Wallet is a hard fork of this digital currency, for the protection of information in another similar platform.
This new version of Bitcoin Lightning Trezor has an algorithm corresponding to Zcash mining, which is an innovative currency, without much difficulty and with a high market value, this is the reason for its great acceptance.
With the Equihash mining code, it is possible to extract Bitcoin Lightning (LBTC) in video cards (GPU) designed for this purpose. Another advantage of this new currency is that considerable rewards are obtained.
In addition, it is not necessary to download the blockchain completely or activate the entire node, to obtain the highest security in the Simple Payment Verification (SPV) system, so the transaction is done faster.
For more information, visit https://electrumlightning.org/.
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